COVID-19 Patient Instructions

If you choose a telephonic appointment: One of our administrative assistants will be in touch with you, and you will be asked for the best telephone number to use.  At the time of the appointment, please stay near the telephone, your doctor will call you. At the time of making an appointment, you will be asked to pay for your appointment either as a co-payment, co-insurance or self-pay. 

If you choose a video appointment: You will be sent an email with instructions on how to link you your appointment. There is a hyperlink for each doctor and therapist in the drop down box “video visits”.  At the time of your scheduled appointment click the hyperlink to your clinician or therapist below, and follow the instructions.

MON-FRI: 8:30AM-5:30PM

(After hours physician on call Mon-Fri until 8:30pm)

SAT-SUN: Physician on call 8:30AM-8:30PM

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