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News & Announcements

Tucker Psychiatric Clinic, Inc. strives to provide our clients with the most up-to-date information, which is easily accessible on our website. Please view the following news announcements from our clinic below.


AUGUST 12, 2022

Dear Patient,


It is with mixed feelings that I am informing you that I will retire from Tucker Psychiatric Clinic February 1, 2023.


I very much appreciate the opportunity I have had in treating you as well as the trust you have placed in me.


Unfortunately, there is no one person at Tucker Psychiatric Clinic who can accommodate my patient load.

I suggest that for continued treatment you consider:

  1. checking with your primary care physician or therapist if you are seeing one for a referral;

  2. checking with other providers and psychiatric groups in town. Some of the groups include LifeStance Health, Dominion Behavioral Health, Insight Physicians, the Department of Psychiatry at VCU, the Westwood Group, the Meridian Group and Virginia South Psychiatric.  I do not know who is accepting patients currently at those practices.


If you have not had an appointment with me recently, please make one to ensure that your medications are reviewed.


Tucker Psychiatric Clinic will be able to transfer your records.


I wish you well for the future. 




Richard E. Curtis, Jr., M.D.

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