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About Tucker Psychiatric Clinic, Inc.


Mental health care begins with the understanding that good therapeutic relationships don't just occur. These relationships are built by experienced and caring physicians and therapists who create a therapeutic relationship that promotes understanding and growth.

Our understanding of the complex and interrelated causes of mental illness and mental health allows us to assist patients in identifying, understanding and resolving their problems. No two people are alike so each treatment approach is individualized to meet the patient's needs.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality services to each person we see in the most appropriate and effective manner through our services with your physician or therapist.


Our Practice

Since 1912 the physicians, psychologists and social workers of the Tucker Psychiatric Clinic have been providing individuals and families with psychiatric, substance abuse and mental health services tailored to each individual's needs for outpatient treatment. Today the practice has 8 physicians, one psychologist, one licensed clinical social worker, one licensed marriage and family therapist, and two licensed professional counselors. 

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